The Climax of Humanity

From George Musser at Scientific American comes an interesting perspective on the value of science and technology: will we be able to squeeze through E.O. Wilson’s “bottleneck,” when our resources are stretched to their limit (and before we’ve the sense to limit our consumption)?

Says Musser,

“…If decision makers can get the framework right, the future of humanity will be secured by thousands of mundane decisions: how many babies people have, where they graze their cattle, how they insulate their houses. It is usually in mundane matters that the most profound advances are made… It is the sewage pipes, the soft beds, the sense of physical and economic security. By helping to bring these benefits of modernity to all, science and technology will have done something more spectacular than building space colonies.”

I’m convinced that science and technology can help us do this, but at the same time, we will absolutely need to limit our consumption of some vital resources. We can’t go around filling our 28-gallon gas tanks (Ford Expedition) again and again.


~ by fourstar on September 6, 2005.

One Response to “The Climax of Humanity”

  1. Does this apply to my Hummer also? I hope not.

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