Gimmelwald Nightlife

Hello from Gimmelwald!

We’re at the “top of Europe,” near the Jungfraujoch, in a little village named Gimmelwald. Today we had an amazing hike through the swirling fog, and some light rain dusted us as we crossed many little crashing or tinkling streams and creeks. There are hundred-foot glaciers high above, and we heard a gigantic avalanche earlier this morning that sounded like ordnance.

Hotel Mittaghorn is creaky, beautiful wood, with short little comforters and lumpy beds, and I’ve never been more comfortable in a mountain bed. Walter, the owner, is appropriately crotchety.

Tonight was a yummy dinner of Rostlich (hash browns) with onion sauce, and fondue, and a dark beer… and it’s time to finish off the evening with a “Heidi Cocoa” — hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps, which apparently is a long-time favorite at “Walter’s Bar.”


~ by fourstar on September 29, 2005.

6 Responses to “Gimmelwald Nightlife”

  1. I was in Gimmelwald about 6 years ago and I loved it…it was my favorite part of the whole Europe trip. Yay!

  2. Gimmelwald is great! Where did you stay? (We stayed at Walter’s — he was a hoot.)

  3. WE have stayed at Walter’s twice of the last 4 years and both times it was really a treat. We went in spring – May and practically had the place to ourselves. Very quiet except for the amazing spectacle of the avalanches as the afternoon sun heats up the cliffs across the valley. Just sit at the little table outsdire and watch (and listen to) a rare treat!
    Ranger Dan

  4. We stayed at Walter’s 16 summers ago, and to this day, one of my biggest regrests is not staying longer. If you are lucky enough to go there, don’t rush….settle in a bit. My husband and I still miss it.

  5. Language used looks like it came out of Rick Steve’s book.

  6. Hmm, maybe you’re implying that I plagiarized Rick Steves’s excellent book. Fortunately that’s not true.

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