Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

Last night a fantastic storm rolled in and showers hit us. I was checking out the sump pump at about 11:30 pm and found out that it wasn’t working, and thus began phone calls and an early morning adventure.

The important part came the next morning. The wind was thrashing trees around outside our window, and the storm was whistling through the branches, and I remembered something that helped me get out of bed.

Having a nice cozy warm place is dangerous. Actually, it can lead to a kind of death, where I am tempted to curl up and avoid things. Instead, I am blessed by God with the opportunity to take on storms. The storms come as a gift, and it’s up to me to bravely engage with the world — as scary as it may seem sometimes — while relying wholly on God and not worrying about the outcome.

We are made for service to others, and getting out of bed to willingly face the storms of life is very important in completing the picture of who we are. Sometimes, for me, this can simply mean admitting to others that I need help.


~ by fourstar on December 18, 2005.

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